Whamola Models:

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Whamola Laboratories is a research and development workshop devoted to instrument creation and experimentation based in Portland, Oregon.

There has been an evolution of this instrument over the years. New materials and designs have been implemented for superior sound, quality and playability. Brin Levinson Started building these basses in 2004 in his shop in Portland Oregon. Being the worlds premier Whamola shop, these handmade instruments can be found as far away as Japan, Australia, Europe and Canada. 

Each Whamola is made one at a time by hand so each is unique. Innovations and design upgrades are introduced periodically contributing to the evolution of the instrument. Each whamola is constructed with a multi piece lamination process for strength and stability. Handmade aluminum and steel hardware is used for the moving parts. One passive bass pickup, volume control and one jack make up the electronics. Each Whamola comes with a Thomastik bass string. Only high end components are used.

We offer two models, the Classic and the Deluxe. Classic models are a premium quality solid grade maple multi-ply with a maple fingerboard. Deluxe Models are built with a hard composite fingerboard and feature a hand carved scroll on the lever and adjustable end pin. Whamolas are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and built to last forever.