Welcome to Whamola Laboratories!   

On this site you will find info on our instruments, pictures, ordering and other goodies.

Whamola Laboratories instruments are hand crafted using high end parts and are built to last forever. Exclusively high end materials, strings and handmade hardware are used in both Standard and Deluxe models. All models have that amazing whamola sound and can be played through any amp and effects processor. Please browse this site for additional pictures and information!

Innovation Update! New super hard impact resistant fingerboards! These fingerboards are made from a high density composite of recycled fiber and CNSL based resin. The result is a hardwood-like surface that feels smooth as stone and is extremely abrasion resistant. This means better slapping and better durability. These obsidian black 1/4 inch slab fingerboards are new on all Deluxe model whamolas!